About us

The Rhodus Intelligence is an OSINT company focused on the fundamental. We investigate how this world works.

To understand its fundamental patterns, we ask simple questions. Like, how did the digitalization of manufacturing transform the economy of scale in the production of weaponry? As we may not necessarily find the answers in a ready form, we produce them ourselves.

We identify and examine sources scattered around the unobvious places. We integrate the knowledge scattered around the unobvious disciplines. We document the tacit and translate it to the layman tongue.

Our first investigation gives an understanding of what is the Rhodus all about. It started with a simple question. How can Russia produce missiles after having lost the Soviet machinery and Soviet craftsmanship? In other words, how can Russia execute Soviet designs of weaponry once the Soviet knowledge is gone?

The question sounded treacherously basic. Yet, it was impossible to answer based on the literature available. As far as we could see, the quality description of Russian missiles production and the logic behind it did not exist. Therefore, we were to construct it ourselves, bit by a bit.

The Rhodus Intelligence
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Next reports on the Russian nuclear, land army weaponry, aircraft production and the machine tool industry will be posted here

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